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3D Model Construction Site

3D Scanning
Quality Assurance

Still taking photos to document your construction site? Try 3D Scanning to streaming your workflow  and maximise quality insurance.

Capture detailed spaces with precision using our advanced quality assurance 3D scanning services. Showcase properties, environments, or projects in an interactive format that keeps pace with today’s fast-evolving technological landscape.

Whether in real estate, hospitality, marketing, or large-scale projects, our cutting-edge technology transforms static data into dynamic, navigable environments, providing the comprehensive data your clients demand to make informed decisions.

Easy-to-use format site documentation available 24/7 with measuring tools.

Experience our state-of-the-art 3D scanning and photography techniques tailored for efficient construction site capture. Enjoy precise distance and area measurements, seamless data integration into multiple formats, and streamlined workflows. Our comprehensive site documentation is consolidated into an easily accessible format, facilitating seamless sharing and accessibility anytime, anywhere, enabling offsite collaboration and minimising errors during construction.

3D Scanning

Leveraging the latest technology 3D camera (Galois m2 equiped with LidAR), we meticulously capture your space, crafting a true-to-life 3D photographic model with an unparalleled 99.9% dimensional accuracy. This innovative model grants users the unique ability to explore a space and gain comprehensive perspectives using the dollhouse and floor plan option. Furthermore, our advanced measurement tool facilitates precise measurements throughout the space, ensuring accuracy at every turn.

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Byron Bay Construction Site Quality Insurance 3D Scan

Full screen for better experience

 Use you mouse and click on points to explore this space.

Ensure unparalleled quality assurance in your projects with our advanced 3D scanning technology. These scans provide accurate, detailed models for comprehensive analysis and verification. Enhance your workflow with our reliable data, ensuring every aspect of your project meets the highest standards. Additionally, access full documentation, project insights, and critical information to guarantee thorough quality checks and informed decision-making.

Construction Pre-Plaster 3D Scan

3D Laser Scans are very useful in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries (AEC). They provides valuable information to the stakeholders involved in the various construction phases. Additionally, our Galois M2 is equipped with LiDAR and give us the ability to provide our clients precise point cloud data, which can then be use on specialised software. This scan was conducted on this construction site (pre-plaster) in order to provide technical information that may be very useful when the wall are installed.
Check this page for more info on quality insurance 3D scanning can benefit you.

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