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Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Showcase your space with our state-of-the-art 3D virtual tour technology.

3D model Galois_edited.png

Introducing Immersive Realsee 3D Virtual Tours

A cutting-edge 3D system for creating lifelike digital twins of properties. With our Galois M2 camera, we scan properties to produce immersive 3D tours that can be easily shared online. Think of it as a virtual property inspection tool, helping owners attract more buyers or tenants.

Realsee Logo 3D virtual tour platform

Key statistics show the impact of 3D tours:

of sellers prefer listings with 3D tours

Faster sales with 3D tours

Higher selling prices

More qualified leads from 3D tours

Our Realsee 3D Virtual Tour Services Offer:

Accessibility: Tours available online 24/7.

Time-saving: No need for open homes.

Social media sharing: Easily promote tours.

Competitive edge: Immediate showcasing on real estate platforms.

VR compatibility: Immersive experience with VR goggles.

Digital Twin: Obtain a precise digital copy of a property.

Free hosting: 2 months included, extendable.

Device compatibility: View tours on any device.

Accuracy: Precise measurements within the tour.

High resolution: 360° environment with over 16K resolution.

Safety: Password protection when necessary to have select few access the virtual tour.

Interactivity: Add interactive video, media, links and purchasable items from the tour.

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