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About Aerial Perspectives Australia

Passionate about immersive experiences, our team leverages cutting-edge technology to craft state-of-the-art 3D virtual tours and digital twins. Our certified drone pilot (RePl: 1052575) with expertise in aerial imagery and passion for latest technology guarantees great results. We seamlessly integrate 3D capture methods, ensuring unparalleled insights while respecting privacy and security.
From Byron Bay to the Gold Coast, we unlock the transformative power of aerial and ground visuals for businesses. Need a high-quality 3D LIDAR virtual tour? Curious about aerial photography or drone mapping? We're here to assist.
Contact us today and explore innovative content creation that elevates and promotes your business like never before.


Byron Bay

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About The Technology

Cutting-Edge 3D Technology for Versatile Solutions

At Aerial Perspectives Australia, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what's possible with cutting-edge technology. That's why we're proud to employ the Galois M2 by RealSee, a professional 3D acquisition tool that utilises laser technology to achieve millimeter-level precision in both indoor and outdoor environments.
Key Features:

  • High Precision: < ± 20mm (@10m) measurement error for high accuracy.

  • Long Range: 0.2-25m scan range for capturing large objects and spaces seamlessly.

  • Fast Scan Speed: 20K points per capture for swift and efficient scanning resulting in 300K per scan.

  • High Resolution: 1.2M points per scan for detailed and comprehensive results using LIDAR.

  • Versatility: Indoor and outdoor use, supporting diverse applications.

  • Panoramic quality: Galois produces a seamless and colorful panorama image with 134 million pixels, equivalent to a 16K image quality.

  • Export Options: Galois supports exporting high-precision Point Cloud (e57, ply), 3D Model (obj, glb, gltf, fbx).

Galois m2 lidar camera


  • 3D modeling

  • Mapping

  • Virtual reality

  • Augmented reality

  • Quality control

  • Inspection

  • Surveying

  • Forensics

  • Archaeology

  • Architecture

  • Engineering

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Healthcare

Lidar virtual tour room scanning
About drone technology

Harnessing the Power of Aerial Technology

At Aerial Perspectives Australia, we're pioneering the future of 3D modeling and orthomosaic mapping with cutting-edge drone technology. We capture and create immersive digital twins, offering unparalleled insights for construction, terrain analysis, and spatial planning.
Precision Aerial Scanning:

  • High-performance drones with cutting-edge sensors ensure precise and detailed data capture.

Dynamic 3D Modeling:

  • Advanced drone technology dynamically captures physical characteristics, transforming them into intricate 3D models.

Orthomosaic Mapping Excellence:

  • Drones capture high-resolution imagery stitched into accurate orthomosaic maps, forming the foundation for detailed digital twins.

Digital Twins Redefined:

  • Real-time data integration and dynamic visualisations redefine digital twins, offering insights for construction, terrain changes, and spatial planning.

Aerial mapping project
Abstract Flame
"Absolutely thrilled with the 3D virtual tour provided by Aerial Perspectives Australia! It's a game-changer for showcasing our properties. The attention to detail is incredible, and it has significantly boosted our online presence. Highly recommend!"

Sarah Thompson

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