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3D model of house construction virtual tour

3D Scans for Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Planning

Collect and oversee essential construction and building data throughout the project's duration.

Leverage unparalleled 3D visual precision with Aerial Perspectives Australia's digital twins to enhance each phase of your design and construction journey.

Streamline your workflow with our digital solutions

Design Phase

Construction Phase

Handover Phase

  • Capture existing conditions

  • Evaluate structural integrity

  • Assess design and potential risks

  • Create conceptual and detailed designs

  • Plan your construction strategy

  • Convert scans to CAD formats

  • Accurately estimate project costs

  • Track ongoing progress

  • Ensure quality control

  • Manage issues and RFI coordination

  • Confirm completion of work packages

  • Document key milestones

  • Conduct safety training

  • Compile closeout documents

  • Populate your FM database

  • Compile specifications and warranty details

  • Create training and onboarding materials

  • Develop promotional materials for your building

Experience significant benefits:


fewer onsite visits by project stakeholders


reduction in survey costs and BIM file creation


project issue resolution without needing escalation


savings in cost and time due to enhanced collaboration and quicker decision-making

Abstract Architecture

We provide 3D scans for 5 stages of the construction process:

Pre-construction / Dilapidation

Suitable for pre-planning activities near the project site before any on-site work begins.

Benefits include:

  • Document current asset conditions

  • Reduce unnecessary rework costs

  • Plan for public protection methods

  • Easy sharing with external stakeholders

  • Identify existing public services and assets

  • Use a high-resolution interactive visual platform for accurate understanding

  • Assess traffic impact and management

  • Estimate site access and clearances

Surveyor on Construction Site
Abstract Architecture

Existing Conditions / Takeover

Utilised to determine the existing conditions of a site before further work commences.

Benefits include:

  • Document a precise record of completed work

  • Identify existing conditions in High definition

  • Aid in dispute resolution after construction resumes

  • Help with evaluating and completing insurance claims

  • Easy sharing with external project stakeholders

Construction 3d virtual tour_
Abstract Architecture


Ensure thorough documentation of in-slab elements before concrete pouring.

Benefits include:

  • Identify core and cut concrete components confidently

  • Enhance company QA procedures with visual records of pre-pour inspections

  • Interactive model with measuring capabilities

  • Facilitating RFIs and providing live as-built conditions for review

  • Review in-slab elements to reduce costly on-site activities like x-ray scanning

  • Easy sharing with project stakeholders to ensure compliance

Pre-slab contrustion stage scanning
Abstract Architecture


Guarantee an accurate record of items within walls and ceilings before plasterboard installation.

Benefits include:

  • Ensuring correct installation of wall/ceiling items as per project documentation

  • Strengthening company QA procedures with visual records of pre-plaster inspections

  • Accurately measuring plaster elements to minimise costly reworks

  • Facilitating RFIs and providing live as-built conditions for review

  • Providing a visual reference for fit-outs in existing cold/warm shell buildings

  • Utilising company IP and detailing for shared training reviews

  • Easy sharing with project stakeholders to ensure compliance

Construction scan Galois M2
Abstract Architecture

Defects / Final

Track defects and provide a record of their completion, useful for marketing and sales differentiation.

Benefits include:

  • Offering an interactive visual record to prevent expensive reworks due to tenants

  • Uploading to third-party sales platforms for marketing purposes (e.g., real estate websites)

  • Utilising for move-in/move-out conditions for tenants

  • Facilitating future construction amendments

  • Minimising reworks and maintenance costs.

Renovated Space

A technology to support all stakeholders involved in the construction process.

Advanced 3D scanning offers numerous benefits for stakeholders involved in the construction phases.

Builders can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve collaboration with stakeholders.
Developers can streamline marketing efforts, conduct surveys, and manage defects effectively.
Consultants can optimise workflows, improve accuracy, and facilitate collaboration.

Overall, 3D scanning technology revolutionises the construction industry by enabling precise data capture, informed decision-making, and superior project outcomes.

Galois M2 LiDAR Scanning
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