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Discover a new dimension of spatial solutions with our professional 3D lidar camera

3D lidar camera 360 virtual tour
Ricoh Theta X virtual tour camera

3D Virtual Tour 
Digital Twins
Aerial Mapping  3D Modeling

Redefining spatial understanding for enhanced experiences and informed decision-making

Mavic 2 Pro aerial mapping

Virtual Tour Services

360 panorama

Luxury Real Estate

ElEnhance rental potential in luxury real estate by providing immersive virtual tours. Offer prospective clients an exclusive and captivating preview of the luxury your home has to offer.


Enhance the efficiency of spatial information collection with point clouds outputs (e57 and ply), streamline modeling processes, document construction progress, and evaluate project delivery outcomes. Elevate your construction experience with advanced technology.

Hospitality &

Elevate hospitality experiences and build trust with immersive virtual tours. Entice clients by showcasing captivating event spaces, inviting them to join memorable occasions through compelling virtual experiences.


Efficiently document and assess insured assets by leveraging our 3D virtual tour services. Capture detailed visuals to streamline insurance claims and assessments, providing a comprehensive and accurate representation of valuable assets.

Global reach and exposure

With 3D virtual tours, your audience is global, breaking geographical barriers and attracting a wider range of potential customers.

boost in user satisfaction with virtual tour properties

Immersive exploration

3D virtual tours offer immersive experiences, allowing users to explore spaces remotely, enhancing engagement and understanding.

increase of unique visitors

360 virtual tour page

Time-Efficient Showcase

Efficiently showcase environments and properties in 3D virtual tours, saving time and resources without the need for physical visits.

Higher user engagement

360 virtual camera and floor plans

Virtual Tour Pricing

Small properties
(Up to 300 m²)

Agency Branded 3D Virtual Tour

VR Viewable

Property Information

1 Month Hosting

Dollhouse View

Website Integration


$500 - $800

Medium properties
(300-1,500 m²)

Agency Branded 3D Virtual Tour

VR Viewable

Property Information

1 Month Hosting

Dollhouse View

Website Integration


Large properties
(1,500+ m²)

Agency Branded 3D Virtual Tour

VR Viewable

Property Information

1 Month Hosting

Dollhouse View

Website Integration

From $2,500

+ Monthly Hosting Fee at $30/month

Optional add-ons

Google Street View  Priced at


Virtual Renovation

Priced between
$200 - $600

Aerial 360
Priced per aerial panoramic shot


Extended Interactive Features
Custom quotes based on requested interactive elements

Floor Plan Integration
Priced based on floor count & details complexity

$100 - $500

Customisation or Branding 

Customised quotes based on specific branding needs or client requirements.

Aerial Services

Digital twins
virtual assets

 Leverage drone technology to create real-time, virtual replicas of physical assets, enabling detailed monitoring and analysis for enhanced decision-making in various industries.

Aerial mapping  3D modelling

Create orthomosaic maps, 3D models, elevation, and volume calculations while efficiently monitoring environmental changes of your site using cutting-edge drone technology.

Land use

Enhance design and planning through precise 3D models capturing architectural and landform details. Obtain 2D maps and 3D models for accurate urban-rural classification.

Conservation projects

Drones play a pivotal role in environmental monitoring, offering a versatile and cost-effective means to track ecosystem changes, assess pollution levels, and manage natural resources.

Aerial Mapping  Benefits

Geographic insights

Aerial mapping provides comprehensive geographic insights, aiding urban planning and infrastructure development.

Real Time Data

It enables rapid data collection, enhancing decision-making with real-time updates.

High resolution Imagery

 By offering high-resolution imagery, aerial mapping improves accuracy in land analysis and resource management.

Aerial mapping project
Aerial 3D mapping services Byron Bay

3D modelling

 Model of quarry site

Aerial Services Pricing

Aerial Services

Best for for individuals, small properties

1 pilot

HDR photo and basic video editing


$120 per hour

2D mapping/3D modelling

Best for larger areas and industrial applications

1 pilot

Map analysis, 3D map, orthomosaic, DEM, measurement of volume, slope, distance, stockpile.

From $700

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