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Aerial Perspectives Australia is at the forefront of innovation, harnessing the power of advanced 3D scanning technology.

Our mission is to redefine data capture and visual exploration. Using the power of virtual tours, digital twins and AI, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower clients to stay ahead in a dynamic, competitive world.

3D Virtual Tour
Desktop and Mobile VR

Whether you're looking to enhance construction planning, boost marketing impact, or transform insurance inspections, our solutions empower businesses to make informed decisions, streamline workflows, increase revenue and ultimately achieve their goals.

Galois M2 3D LiDAR camera

Immersive. Dynamic. Captivating.

Discover a new dimension of spatial solutions from the ground and the sky

Explore Our Services Across Various Industries

Luxury Real Estate

Boost your rental potential with immersive virtual tours, offering exclusive previews of your home's captivating features.

360 panorama luxury house

Hospitality &

Showcase event spaces with engaging virtual experiences, enabling clients to view your space from anywhere in the world.

3D virtual tour hospitality


Streamline documentation and assessments. Capture detailed visuals to expedite claims, offering a comprehensive representation of valuable assets.

Virtual tour for asset protection

Engineering &


Conservation & Education

Remote monitoring of construction sites through 3D scansallows seamless collaboration and real-time insights. Document progress, optimise spatial data collection, & streamline modeling to maximize efficiency & minimise costs

Boost conservation efforts with our 3D virtual tours. Monitor environmental changes and optimise initiatives for nature conservation.

Virtual tour architecture point cloud
National park
Black Chips

Review and Document Current Work

Benefits 3D tour

Ensure Quality Assurance

Benefits 3D tour

Cut Defect-Related Time and Costs

Benefits 3D tour

Provide Quick Trade References

Benefits 3D tour

Support Insurance Claims

Benefits 3D tour

Facilitate Offsite Approvals and Troubleshooting

Benefits 3D tour

Aid in Organisation Compliance

Benefits 3D tour

Improve Client Communication

Benefits 3D tour
Black Chips

Immersive Experience

Ensure Guest's  Satisfaction

Time and Cost Saving

Boost Conversion Rates

Support Insurance Claim

Enhanced Property Visibility

Establish Trust & Transparency

Global Reach 24/7

3D virtual camera and floor plans


boost in user satisfaction


higher user engagement


increase in website traffic

Aerial mapping drone

Aerial Drone Services

Digital Twins
Virtual Assets

 Leverage drone technology to create real-time virtual replicas for detailed monitoring and analysis in various industries.

Land Use

Capture precise architectural and land-form details with 2D maps and 3D models. Improve design and and workflow for better decisions.

Conservation Projects

Use cost-effective strategies to track environmental shifts and ensure responsible resource management over time.

Aerial mapping mining
Aerial 2D mapping school

Aerial Mapping  Benefits

Connecting the world through aerial imagery

Geographic Insights

Offers in-depth geographic understanding, enhancing project planning and execution.

up to 90%

reduction in time and cost compared to traditional surveying methods.

Real Time Data

Enables rapid data collection, facilitating decision-making with real-time updates.


faster than traditional land-based methods

High Resolution Imagery

Improves land analysis and resource management accuracy.


increase client engagement with clear visualisations and interactive models.

aerial 3d mapping

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