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Purchase the Galois M2 3D camera lidar scanner by Realsee for AUD$8,500 (excl. GST) and get a credit bundle package for FREE valued at AUD$16,700!!
This special deal includes:
- 1,200 Credits
- 200 Tours Downloads
- 10 Point Clouds Downloads
- Galois 3D LiDAR Camera Kit

Simply send us your Realsee account details after purchase and we will add the credits to your account.

Product description:
Galois M2 by RealSee, a professional 3D acquisition tool utilising laser technology to achieve millimeter-level precision in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Key Features:

  • High Precision: < ± 20mm (@10m) measurement error for high accuracy.
  • Long Range: 0.2-25m scan range for capturing large objects and spaces seamlessly.
  • Fast Scan Speed: Up to 20,000 points per second for swift and efficient scanning.
  • High Resolution: Fast Scan 300K point / Slow scan 1.2 million points for detailed and comprehensive results.
  • Versatility: Indoor and outdoor use, supporting diverse applications.
  • Panoramic quality: Galois produces a seamless and colorful panorama image with 134 million pixels, equivalent to a 16K image quality.
  • Export Options: Galois supports exporting high-precision Point Cloud (e57, ply), 3D Model (obj, glb, gltf, fbx).
  • AI NADIR and ZENITH Blur filling
  • AI Camera Removal
  • And much more!

Pricing for Credit Packages

  • To get your 3D tours, captured using the Realsee Galois 3D LiDAR Camera, up and running, you'll need to snap up some credit packages. You can grab these directly from the Realsee website.
  • No need for a monthly subscription.Simply top up your credits whenever you need.Your credits will stay good for a whole year.
  • Capture and upload as much as you like for free. You'll only need credits when it's time to publish. One credit keeps a single tour going for a month.
  • Choose how you use them: 12 credits can keep 12 tours going for a month or keep one tour active for a whole year.
  • Reactivating tours won't cost you a cent extra.
  • Make the most of unlimited and free editing tools with your hosting credits.Hosting credits also mean free downloads for images, videos, and floor plans.

Advanced Editing Console Features

  • Utilise the Realsee Console for sophisticated editing of your captures, ensuring high-quality real space representation.
  • Custom Branding: Enhance brand visibility by customising your logo display in virtual tours.
  • Visitor Messaging: Engage visitors in commercial virtual tours with interactive inquiries, managed directly from the Console.
  • Enhanced Multimedia Branding: Elevate VR tours with multimedia labels like text, images, videos, and links for enriched content and user interaction.
  • Floor Plan Editor: Refine floor plans seamlessly with Realsee’s complimentary editor, eliminating additional costs or delays.
  • Google Street View Integration: Upload panoramic data effortlessly to Google Street View, creating immersive customer experiences.
  • Advertising Features: Implement pop-up and floating ads within the console for promotional content or contact forms.
  • Embedded VR Tours: Link VR tours to allow users to navigate related spaces smoothly, enhanced with spatial labels.
  • Guided Tours and Quick Routes: Create efficient guided VR tours and preset navigation routes for streamlined exploration.
  • Virtual Staging: Stage furniture strategically in 3D tours of empty rooms, offering a more engaging viewing experience.

Galois M2 3D Camera Scanner by Realsee EOFY

$16,700.00 Regular Price
$8,500.00Sale Price
Excluding GST
  • Free shipping within Australia

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