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Aerial Perspectives Australia focuses on client satisfaction and safety. Our pilot, Louis Pont is a fully certified CASA drone operator (RePl: 1052575 ). We provide a wide variety of professional services. As an aerial imaging video production business, some of the services we provide include marketing video, Real Estate, asset inspections and 3D modelling, 360 panoramic maps and more. Drone photography prices vary a lot depending on each business but here we aims to offer the best price for the best quality of work. You can be assured that you will be satisfied with us.

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360 Aerial Panoramas


Aerial drone services


Real Estate

360 panoramas




Wind and solar farm



2D/3D mapping



Conservation research

Documentary films

Wildlife spotting


Aerial Art

Ground art

Water art

Background landscape video


Environmental and social involvement:

Louis, our drone photographer works Australia-wide seeking to witness, get involved and support local environmental projects. We approach communities, NGOs, social enterprises, councils, environmentally conscious companies, individuals, anyone who is making a change, and we capture their efforts. When we capture conservation efforts we offer a volunteering service to the community. When you choose our company you are also supporting our cause. We do not only capture aerial images, but we have professional experience to deliver high quality analysis, reports and advice.

If you see us in town or in your city, approach to us and say hi! Tell us what you are doing and let’s explore together opportunities to spread the word and capture your work from an aerial perspective! Work with us!

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