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Paddle out for Whales

This social and environmental event happens every year in Hervey Bay QLD. People are invited to paddle out for a minute of silence to recognise the importance of the ocean and whales to the world, and particularly the Fraser Coast. Humpback whales especially come in large number in the Fraser Coast region and bring an significant amount of tourists looking to see this beautiful animals. These whales migrate from Antarctica to the Equator every years but spent some time in the calm water north of Fraser island. For this, Hervey Bay is internationally recognised as one of the best place on Earth to experience close encounter with these magnificent animals.

Some NGOs work closely with whales and ocean conservation if you wish to help or donate please go to the following organisations:

Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tour

This business located in Hervey Bay takes people on a journey to magnificent places. They have a bottom glass boat which allow people to watch the sea floor and all its life if they decide not to swim. An aboriginal guide takes you on a very rich cultural experience. If you want to check their tours visit Hervey Bay Eco Marine Tours.
They were very pleased with the work of our drone photographer. 

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Aerial project for NGO

Pacific Whale Foundation

This non governmental organisation (NGO) conducts research in Hawai, Australia, Chile  and Ecuador. During the whale season, they take tourists to dive with the whale while conducting research. This NGO is very involved in the protection of the oceans and they pay a lot of effort to have minimal impacts during their missions.
On the Fraser Coast part of their journey takes you on along the shoreline of West Fraser Island, in paradise waters. Their team are always very happy to answer any questions about the science behind whales and other wildlife in the region. If you want to swim with the whales with scientists, visit Pacific Whale Foundation and if you wish to volunteer or support their scientific effort click here.

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