Virtual tours

Social event

360 live streaming event

Do you want to cover live events in 360? Using the latest technology we are able to live stream in 360 .

Asset inspection

Work site 360 inspection

Using 360 cameras at work sites offer opportunity to check on progress and safety of a work site from your computer.

Real estate project

Real estate 360 virtual  tour

Increase chances to sell or rent  properties faster by offering your clients a virtual tour from the comfort of their house.

Drone art print

360 art

The creative potential of 360 cameras is immense. Photography in 360 is another form of art.

aerial 3D mapping

Insurance 360 inspection

360 technology is nowadays used by insurance companies to assess damages and can capture every angles.

Virtual Reality Goggles

3D virtual tours

Using 360 camera technology, we are not able to provide to customer an interactive view of places or products so that people do not have to physically be there.